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What We Do

Metal Buildings

Steel buildings can achieve long clear spans and high eave heights.  Stone Hill Construction is the Western Virginia dealer for Nucor Building Systems pre-engineered metal buildings.  

At Stone Hill, we can design and construct your steel building from the ground to the ridge.  We do our own concrete work and steel erection allowing us to monitor quality control on the complete project.

Barn Renovations

Older wood bank barns are fast falling into disarray.  These long standing icons of the farm community can be repaired to provide additional years of useful life.  At Stone Hill we can use our experience to assist in planning and construction of the renovations. 

Our work includes:

  • Structural Repairs
  • Metal Siding and Roofing
  • Heavy Timber Repairs

Our experienced concrete crews can form and pour:

  • Flat Slabs
  • Footings
  • Piers
  • Walls

We have placed concrete for:

  • Litter Sheds
  • Composters
  • Fuel Containment Structures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Dairy Parlors
  • Stall Barns
  • Manure Pits
  • Bunk Silos
Pole Frames

Wood post and truss construction is typically the most cost effective construction for small projects.  Our framing crews at Stone Hill excel in constructing these buildings. 

We mechanically fasten our metal roofing and siding, paying particular attention to the final trim details to ensure you get the desired level of quality in your finished project.


Other Construction Projects
Concrete Manure Storage Facilities
  • NRCS Aproved Design
  • Safety Fencing
  • Pump Pads
  • Scrape Alleys
  • Push Gates

Machine Sheds & Farm Shops

New Poultry Houses   

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Wood Framing
  • Metal Siding & Roofing

Winter Feeding Barns   

  • NRCS Approved Design
  • Wood Framing
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Slabs
  • 40 Yr. Metal Siding & Roof

Poultry House Conversion

  • Tunnel Fans
  • Inlets
  • Cool Cells

Bedded Pack Barns

  • NRCS Approved Design
  • Galvanized Steel Framing
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Norbco Curtains
  • Norbco Headlocks
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